Find here the next evolutions and features of Fluid Design System

September 2021

  • Fluid Figma v2.0 : all components reviewed according to accessibility and feedback
  • Fluid Vanilla v5.0 : following the design review, all components will be updated

July 2021

  • Figma variants and autolayout for all components

June 2021

  • Release of fluid-react v1.0.0
  • Release of fluid-angular v0.0.1
  • New documentation pages for Fluid components

May 2021

  • Sketch will be no more supported. Migration to Figma

March 2021

  • No major updates planned

February 2021

  • Release of fluid-react node package in beta version (with more components)

January 2021

  • No major updates planned

December 2020

  • Release of fluid-react node package on (alpha version)

November 2020

  • Fluid-react node package and storybook documentation
  • Coded templates

October 2020

  • Release of fluid-token node package on
  • Data visualization guidelines page

September 2020

  • End of React/VueJs POCs
  • Examples of do/don’t in component documentation page
  • Support page and contact form
  • Release of the fluid-token node package

August 2020

  • POC of a React/VueJs version of Fluid Design System

July 2020

  • Design Tokens

June 2020

  • New templates for corporate websites and application (in ligth and dark mode)
  • New layouts

May 2020

  • Release of the dark mode on Sketch, Figma and code library

April 2020

  • Second part of the harmonization with ENGIE brand identity
    • Update of components to be fully compliant with
    • New variation the Card
    • New version of the Footer
    • Divider will be removed
  • New components:
    • Header
    • Sidebar
    • Stamp (ActWithENGIE)

March 2020

  • First part of the harmonization with ENGIE brand identity. We’ll update 50% of the components to be more compliant with the new

February 2020

  • Release of the Figma version