UI guidelines

Here you'll find all the best practices and tips to design interfaces.

Less is more

Contrary to print, digital space is infinite - make sure to use all the display surface. This doesn't mean the space should be entirely filled! Allow white space and create respiration, eliminate anything that is not useful to help the user focus on what is important.

Think "multi devices"

Think “multi devices” from the beginning. Users will view your product on their computer, their mobile phone, their tablet... Whichever device they use, they should experience our product or service at their best. Make sure to design interfaces that are responsive and adapted to different screen sizes and interaction modes (touch, voice, mouse and keyboard).

Form follows function

Our mission is to make products that are easy to use for our users in their environment and context. Never forget the golden rule of design: “form follows function”. Always think usability first and remember that graphic elements exist to help users understand the product's functionality.

Bring hierarchy to the content

Make sure users can easily navigate through the content. Organize and prioritize content to meet user expectations by analyzing their flow and behaviour.

Make sure users are in control

Make sure users are in control when they use the product by giving them informative feedback on their actions, displaying visibility of status and making sure that actions are reversible at any time. Reduce cognitive load by reducing the number of actions for a single task

Design accessible interfaces

Make sure our products are accessible for everybody - whatever their situation may be. Users can have different skill levels or experience disabilities in a given situation, this doesn't mean they should experience our product differently.

To deep dive into this topic, visit our accessibility page.

Be consistent, not boring

Our design system is here to help you create consistent interfaces to create an efficient experience for our user, all while strengthening our brand. This doesn't mean every product should be the same. Play around with the rules while making sure the product is consistent with ENGIE in terms of look and functionality.