Where your project stands in user experience?

With the Experience Index you can find out right now! Measure the user-centricity of your project, assess the user experience it offers. Get your score and take action. Available in English and French!

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Key insights 2022/2023 are ready! New

Check out our new experience index annual report

Check out our new experience index annual report

Why take the Experience Index?

Made by designers, developers, managers, and researchers from ENGIE Design Studio. It measures how the user experience is delivered in your project, whether you are working on a digital product or a service. With the Experience Index you’ll learn principles, and get a personalized report.

So are you user-centric?

The Experience Index is your user centricity indicator!
Evaluate the user experience maturity of your project and get the levers to go further.

Interfaces of Experience Index

More than just a score, get a full report, and take action.

You will get your score based on your answers, and a maturity level will be assigned to your project. Then you will be given personalized advices around these four key areas:

  • User Experience
  • Team
  • Methodology
  • Leadership
A single person versus a whole team

Faster alone, further together.

You will get your score based on your answers, and a maturity level will be assigned to your project. Then you will be given personalized advices around these four key areas:

By answering collectively, you will be able to align your team and move forward together.

Progression bar indicating 82 on 100

Discover your user experience maturity level.

Your level of user experience maturity is based on key fundamentals that you’ll find in the survey questions, such as leadership, corporate culture, a shared vision within your team and a common commitment in your organization.

The score indicates how far you’re in your design journey. Showing the actual user centricity of your project whether it’s still emergent, tactical, mastered or if you have a design-oriented approach that diffuses in your organization’s culture.

Take the Experience Index today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have an ENGIE account to access the Experience Index?

Yes, an ENGIE account is required to start the Experience Index. If you’re interested in testing the user-centricity of your project, let us know here.

Can I see my individual report if my invited teammates have not finished their assessment?

Not yet, if you had invited collaborators, you have to wait until each guest closes their survey within the period of time to be able to access the collective report.

How many times per year should I pass the Experience Index to see an evolution?

We recommend you to assess your project 2 times a year to see the impact of the changes you’ve made. Try to apply at least 3 advice before taking Experience Index.

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