Meet Fluid 5

A more robust, more accessible and more usable version of Fluid. Built for you with your feedback.
Oh, and of course we integrated the new ENGIE brand.

We're excited! Hope you are too.

New branding, updated components and plenty of other sexy new features

Built for you to design for all

Detailed Figma documentation

We know designers are creatures who question themselves too often, so we made a documentation directly on Figma that allows you to know everything about each component to use it in the best way (eg: Do's and don’t...).

Accessible color palette

Interfaces should be accessible to as many people as possible. That's why we made sure that our color palette complies with the accessibility standards of the RGAA, so that each component is as well.

fluid v4 components
fluid v4 components

Sharp tool to design

New UI: Simplicity. Made Clear.

Redesign of the components valuing flat design with squarer shapes, more horizontality, and a better harmonization of all the components.

Up-to-date with ENGIE rebranding

As you may know, ENGIE’s colors and guidelines have evolved: you obviously have the whole palette available on Fluid 5 (preview, hex codes, tokens, you have it all). You’ll notice the change of blue (and of course, it’s accessible now).

fluid v4 components

Get the most out of Figma

Variants & component properties

Have more control to tailor components to your needs by using the new component properties in the Figma Design panel. With these advanced component properties, your design experience is even more streamlined.

Interactive prototypes

You can now use interactive components to create prototypes with hover and click behaviours: this should help with communication between designers, developers and product owner. Nothing’s stopping you from testing your prototype with real users now!

fluid v4 components

At last, developer-friendly

Your design. Your code. Always in sync.

Each update of the Figma library is synchronized with an equivalent update of all code libraries. This way, designers, developers and stakeholders can work together seamlessly to build better products.

New Angular components

Thanks to your numerous feedback, we did it! You can use new Fluid components in Angular (eg: Tag, auto-complete, select...).

fluid v4 components

We get it. A picture is worth a thousand words

Slide the line left and right to see what's changed!

A set of Fluid 4 components A set of Fluid 5 components

Fluid 4 vs Fluid 5

Try our libraries of 35+ ready-to-use components

Whether you are a designer or a developer, we have curated resources to get started with your Fluid 5 migration. With Fluid 5 you'll be able to design responsive websites in no time.

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Release roadmap

Upcoming features

October 18th, 2022

Alignment with new ENGIE charter

  • New color system: More robust color and grey palette, with accessible contrasts for components.
  • Update of new user interface (UI) foundations (new border-radius, shadow, interactions)
  • UI harmonization of all components to better fit the new ENGIE charter (eg: tag, switch, card)

Mid-November 2022

Fully accessible version of Fluid 5

  • Additional accessible components (eg: focus, keyboard navigation, semantics, alternatives)
  • Delivery of new components (eg: Side panel, accordion)

End of December 2022

Release of batch 3: Refined version

  • Correction of eventual bugs.
  • Delivery of missing components to be synchronised in design and development in each library (figma/vanilla/react/angular)
  • Delivery of new components (eg: Dropdown menu, Notification, Button group, multi autocomplete/select)

Made for you by the Fluid team

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Product manager

David De Vicente

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Ux & Accessibility

Celine Bouillon

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Product Designers

Cécile Onno

& Dorian Bonnaves

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Front-end Developers

Massinissa Bouneffa

& Maxime Groff

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Growth Managers

Maxime Breynat

& Jean Lepeudry

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