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Fluid Design System helps ENGIE teams create and maintain outstanding user interfaces without wasting time creating something new every time.

Dozens of worldwide ENGIE products rely on it.

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Fluid Design System reduces the complexity of digital projects.

The unique toolbox that helps designers, developers and product managers achieve consistency and meet accessibility requirements for releasing pixel-perfect ENGIE products.

Fluid provides Figma and code libraries with components, templates, assets and everything else you need to:

  • check Stay aligned with the ENGIE brand
  • checkCreate fully accessible interfaces
  • check Enhance team collaboration

Everything you need, from design to code


1 - Browse

Open access documentation with resources and guidelines


2 - Design

Drag and drop the components directly into Figma


3 - Prototype

Test and share interactive prototype directly in Figma


4 - Develop

Import Fluid library and deliver your site faster

Consistent look and feel across all ENGIE products

Convey a consistent brand image of ENGIE group thanks to reusable and responsive components.

App convergence

Save 30% of time in production phase. Enjoy more time to make valuable choices before going live.

Digital transformation

Provide a reference point for all ENGIE digital teams designed for collaboration with open-source assets.

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Focus your effort on creating value

Fluid is built to help teams collaborate seamlessly with each other. Less back and forth on details to focus on what is most valuable.

For UX/UI Designer

  • More time to spend on the user experience
  • Ready-made components for all your usage
  • Regular updates to stay aligned with brand guidelines

For Developers

  • Each components used by designers are available in all libraries
  • Easy and seamless installation (distributed by npmjs)
  • Accessible components (RGAA compliant)

For Product Managers

  • Save time and money at scale
  • Crucial negotiating leverage with agencies that update website

Fluiders* released their product in no time

* 600+ enthusiastic users across ENGIE who are already using Fluid

“If I compare to the last big launch we did when we rebranded to ENGIE in 2016, and we have basically the same setup we started with design and then we programmed. I would say that we probably saved around 30% of the time


Chief Communication Officer at ENGIE Deutschland

“Two benefits: Guys have created a great community, that shares ideas, that can share best practices. The second one is really standardisation and speed, having design elements available and not having everything to invent from the beginning each time you start.”

Christian FEJÉR

Innovations Manager at ENGIE Deutschland

“AT&T workflow, which is a huge win for ENGIE Impact right now, was not possible if Fluid Design System was not there. If it was not there it will make our lives hard.”


UX Designer at ENGIE Impact

“If Fluid wasn't done I should have done it myself, so probably it would have taken 2 months, but not with all the elements of the Design System, only the ones I uses the most. It saves many hours of working”


UX/UI Designer at ENGIE Romania

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Product manager

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Ux & Accessibility

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Product Designers

Cécile Onno

& Dorian Bonnaves

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Front-end Developers

Massinissa Bouneffa

& Maxime Groff

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Growth Managers

Maxime Breynat

& Jean Lepeudry

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