The Fluid Design System was created for designers and developers. It contains everything they need to create platforms and services that are consistent with our UX principles and brand.

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Why a design system?

  • 1To convey a consistent brand image of ENGIE group to our various end-users
  • 2To save time in production in design and development
  • 3To provide a reference point for all ENGIE teams to make digital services

About Fluid Design System

Like a liquid that deforms under constrains and adapts to its environment, our design system must serve different types of usage within the ENGIE group. A design system must also be both consistent and flexible. The name Fluid resumes this balance.

Abstract form

A design system by ENGIE

Flexible, for everyone

ENGIE is a large group with a lot of different type of jobs and different needs. That's why every component has to be flexible by having various size or color for example without losing the brand consistency.

Simple and easy to use

The nature of our work means we are used to complexity. That doesn't mean the end-user has to be! Our priority is to create a clear, intelligible and intuitive experience for all including also users of the design system.

Efficient to deliver faster

Helping designer and developers to deliver faster prototypes or products while respecting the brand rules is one of the main goal of our design system.