How to migrate Sketch library from v2.0.4 to v2.1.0

The location of the Sketch file library has changed. If you have already installed the previous version, you won’t have updates. Follow steps mentioned below.

1- Install the new version of the Sketch library

Install latest version

2- Install the plugin Automate Sketch

Automate offers a set of actions that should make your life a lot easier like replace library or symbols very quickly.

Install the plugin
Automate plugin

3- Update the library

Use the plugin Automate Sketch and select Automate > Library > Imported Link Manage

Sketch automate

A window is opening and you can show all symbols and check if all your components have been replaced by the last libary 2.1.0. Also change directly and replace by the good one.

Update version

Your library has been replaced, you can now update the components just here.

Update component Update component

4- You can now delete the previous version

You’ll find the Libraries in Sketch > Preferences

Delete old library