Welcome developers, here you'll find everything you need to use Fluid Design System to create ENGIE applications.

Quick start

You can use Fluid Design System in multiple ways. Start using it now with:

Migrate from v4 to v5

The v5 introduces a lot of breaking changes.

The most notable changes to migrate from v4 to v5 are documented here.

Web browser compatibility

  • Last 2 Chrome major versions
  • Last 2 Firefox major versions
  • Last Edge major version
  • Last Safari major versions
  • Last 2 Android versions
  • Last 2 iOS versions

If you are experiencing any issues due to a specific version of a browser, please create an issue on our library git repository.

Fluid 5 no longer supports old browsers like Internet Explorer.


If you have any issues while getting set up with Fluid Design System, please create an issue or a request on our library git repository.