UX principles

Here you'll find our User Experience rules and recommendations.

Simplicity is the key

The nature of our work means we are used to complexity. That doesn't mean the end-user has to be!
Our #1 priority is to create a clear, intelligible and intuitive experience for all.
Make sure to design seamless journeys and interfaces that give our users quick access to what they are looking for - all while guaranteeing our tools' efficiency and performance.

Best Practices:

  • Provide clear and easy to understand but relevant information and terms to the user: expertise does not mean complexity, nor information impoverishment
  • Only give access to useful and actionable features and don't disturb the user with unnecessary elements
  • Ask the user a minimum number of clear and simple actions: make internal processes invisible for the user
  • Make interactions with ENGIE simple and efficient with a minimum number of interactions with a single expert interlocutor

Build a trusting relationship with the user

Working with energy and its services comes with great responsibility: that of guaranteeing energy delivery and users' safety at all times. In designing ENGIE products and services, our aim is to build a trusting relationship - and a reliable experience every step of the way.

Best Practices:

  • Listen to the user and make sure to propose a solution tailored to his needs
  • Be transparent on the value of our products and services, what we can and can't do
  • Provide honest and expert recommendations on energy management
  • Be available at anytime, anywhere on any device
  • Provide quick, efficient, and honest customer service in case of any problem

Make your user a partner

Connections and interactions between users, partners and collaborators are key to build the future of energy. We are not in a customer to commodity supplier relationship anymore.
Make sure to think of your users as partners that you need to perfectly understand to design solutions tailored to their needs and game-changing experiences.

Best Practices:

  • Be empathetic, listen to the user and understand its specific environment, its pains and aspirations: always meet with your user
  • Adapt the rhetoric to the level of expertise and the aspirations of each user
  • Consider the user as your equal and interact with him in an easy and direct way
  • Be a partner that supports and takes initiatives to bring value to the user's projects
  • Provide efficient collaboration tools that allow the user to communicate with ENGIE, share knowledge and best practices, and visualize the value of its contributions

Create empowering experiences

As we strive towards a more harmonious future, it is as important as ever that our users understand their energy consumption and habits.
Designing for ENGIE means always giving the choice to the user and delivering the right information at the right time, so the user's choices are informed at all times.

Best Practices:

  • Be a mentor and walk the user through its energy management giving him relevant information and simple explanations to enable him to make informed choices
  • Provide efficient tools for the user to be able to
  • Be pedagogue without being infantilizing
  • Be transparent on the value of your products and services and provide honest and expert recommendations on energy management
  • Give freedom to the user and don't try to lock him in a service: the user must have the freedom to say no or to change his mind