Shadows bring depth to the interface and bring the user's attention to some specific areas. Use them wisely and sparingly.

Utils are now deprecated!

Utils have been removed from the fluid-design-system library in v5.0.0.
If you want to keep using them, install the @engie-group/fluid-4-deprecated package and import them.


Shadow 2dp
Shadow 4dp
Shadow 6dp
Shadow 8dp
Shadow 16dp
Shadow 24dp
<div class="nj-shadow-2dp mb-3 p-3">Shadow 2dp</div>
<div class="nj-shadow-4dp mb-3 p-3">Shadow 4dp</div>
<div class="nj-shadow-6dp mb-3 p-3">Shadow 6dp</div>
<div class="nj-shadow-8dp mb-3 p-3">Shadow 8dp</div>
<div class="nj-shadow-16dp mb-3 p-3">Shadow 16dp</div>
<div class="nj-shadow-24dp mb-3 p-3">Shadow 24dp</div>